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About Our Firm

Jochimsen Wealth Management is an independent financial services firm that uses our three decades plus of hands-on professional experience to provide insightful and inspired advice. Our research process has been formed through relevant and actual investments in individual securities (primarily common U.S. equities) since 1988. Experiences that we have gained through both mistakes and successes have been critical to our success. Jochimsen Wealth Management’s process has been refined through experience of what actually works and very importantly, what to be careful of. Our firm is highly selective and constantly vigilant to ensure that your portfolio performs to your expectations.

Jochimsen Wealth Management is primarily a fee-based practice. Client portfolios are hand selected to meet your objectives and goals. All investments are fully researched and then closely monitored after the initial Investment. We employ a sell discipline to protect profits and/or minimize losses.

Jochimsen Wealth Management generally uses discretion, but we are flexible to every client’s desires. Our approach is extremely opportunistic and will utilize micro-cap to large-cap stocks and deep value to high growth stocks. We are investors, not traders.

We are not middle-men. If you would like to work directly with the person responsible for your investments- then let’s get started!

If you are tired of being shuffled to the portfolio manager du jour, have tried to manage your own investments part time, or if you want something more than just mutual funds, then Jochimsen Wealth Management could be a perfect solution for you.

Mission Statement

To meet and exceed our clients’ investment goals with the greatest possible level of return for a given level of risk

To form lasting personal relationships and friendships with our clients

To remove the stress of the markets and economy from our clients’ lives

Jochimsen Wealth Management

We help our clients manage their financial lives by providing unbiased financial planning and advice. Let us take care of your financial life so you can live your life.

The Fiduciary Group

Jochimsen Wealth Management is affiliated with The Fiduciary Group which as a branch affiliate of Cambridge Investment Research advises on assets of over $1 billion.

Services Provided

Services Provided: Portfolio Management, Security Analysis, Wealth Management, Holistic Financial Planning

Portfolio Management

Experts in Portfolio Management and Security Analysis